Pordenone and its history


La Vecia Osteria Del Moro is located in the historic centre of Pordenone, an ancient city built originally as a river port. Even today the city remains a place where tourists flock to. They stroll around day and night along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, formerly known as Contrada Maggiore which is lined with architectural wonders, old shops and prestigious buildings like Palazzo Ricchieri, the tower which defends the city's boundaries, the Pinacoteca with its art museum and the Gothic Town Hall. Other places worth a visit are the former convent of San Francesco with its exquisite frescoes, the San Marco Duomo with its Tintoretto paintings and, for those who love nature, the Noncello River Park and the seven acre San Valentino park are not to be missed.

former convent in pordenone
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